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Mrs Potts was wandering around in the grocery store looking at a piece of paper where she had written her shopping list when she bumped into Mr Stevens.

“Evangeline! I’ve wanted to talk to you about something important” he announced while giving her a hug.

“It is good to see you Roger, do you mind if we talk while I buy some stuff?” She pointed to her shopping list with the hand that was holding Lucky’s leash.

Mr Stevens looked around with a scared look on his face. “I - I am afraid this won’t be possible.” He looked around them again before continuing, this time with a lower voice “It seems that walls have ears.”

“Do you prefer we talk at your place then?” asked Mrs Potts with concern in her voice.

“No!” shouted Mr Stevens. Realising he was talking so loud he started to whisper: “I think I am being spied on, and - well it might be a coincidence - I saw a girl with blond hair.”

“I am sorry if I don’t follow Roger, but there are a lot of blonde girls out there” she replied, trying her best to not seem too sarcastic. She was starting to think that her dear friend was going crazy and paranoid.

“Yes yes a lot of blonde girls indeed”, he waved his hand to show that that was not the point. “The girl I saw was”, he lowered his voice, if that was even possible, “Texas Jefferson.” 

That name ran through Mrs Potts like electricity. She felt something cold going through her spine and in the back of her neck. That’s when she started to believe what Mr Stevens was saying, what she always believed in the depths of her mind. Texas Jefferson was alive. Remembering the man she saw the other day, with Mr Stevens, she couldn’t help but worry about Texas. “Are you sure it was her?” she asked, “I mean, it has been ten years, who knows what she looks like now.” She tried to hide the worries in her voice.

“We should talk at your place.” Mr Stevens was acting like he was in a rush, which made Mrs Potts take her decision even faster.

“I’ll finish my shopping later, we should get moving.”

Mrs Potts, Mr Stevens and Lucky headed as fast as they could to Mrs Potts’ house. None of them saw the tall man in black following them. They also didn’t seem to notice him climbing the fence and going inside Mrs Potts’ house using the back door.

And all four of them didn’t notice the young blonde girl wearing jeans with holes on the knees, a white tank top, a leather jacket and Doc Martin’s on the roof of Mrs Potts’ house, using one of the roof windows to go inside the house.

Lucky barked a few times but Mrs Potts and Mr Stevens were so concentrated in their discussion about Texas Jefferson and the man in black that they didn’t pay attention.

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